People with disabilities have always had a voice. We’re just teaching the world different ways to listen.
A disability victim services agency

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Who We Are

The Adult Advocacy Centers exist to teach the world how to listen to what people with disabilities have to say—particularly when they are victims of crime or abuse. We are a disability-led organization piloting our groundbreaking programs in the U.S. and around the world.

Plans are in motion to develop regional permanent centers and fully outfitted RV mobile units throughout the state, each providing space for a multi-disciplinary team. These teams will include law enforcement, prosecutors, medical staff, victim advocates, mental health specialists, forensic interviewers and representatives from disability-specific agencies. This model is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. Read about the Adult Advocacy Centers' model

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ADEPT trainings—Advocacy and Disability-Focused Education for Professionals and Teams—are designed to teach professionals how to make appropriate accommodations when working with crime victims with disabilities.

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11/27/23 NEW
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You Can Make a Difference: Support the AACs

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Locked Out of Care: The Inaccessibility Dilemma in Medical Settings for Disabled Individuals

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AACs, FNN Paper Asserts Forensic Medical Exams May Be Accommodation for Disabled Crime Victims Under the ADA

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Recent Publications

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Traumatic Brain Injuries and Crime Victims with Disabilities

This publication reviews what medical professionals know and understand within the complex world of various traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). It also examines the effects of TBIs on disabilities and explores the victimization and violence that affects individuals with and without disabilities and can lead to a TBI.

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Forensic Interviewing vs. Forensic Interviewing Techniques

Forensic interviews and using forensic interview techniques are two different approaches used in gathering information from alleged crime victims with disabilities, particularly in investigative contexts. While both aim to elicit information in a non-leading manner, there are significant differences in their methods, goals and outcomes.

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Forensic Interviewing and the ADA Webinar Flyer 5-4-23

A flyer for an upcoming webinar on May 4, 2023.

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White Paper - Forensic Interviews and the ADA

A white paper about the need for universal acceptance of forensic interviews as an accommodation under the ADA for adult disabled victims of crime.

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AACs Annual Report 2022

Read about our important work in 2022.

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Forensic Interviews for Adult Crime Victims with Disabilities

Disabled adults are adults, not eternal children. Treating adult crime victims with disabilities the same as child crime victims is undignified, unfair and detrimental to the goal of providing equitable justice and equal access to services.

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The Adult Advocacy Centers are revolutionary in the field of crime victim services. We need allies like you to help us to build our centers, outfit our mobile RV, hire our expertly trained staff and get our new programs off the ground. 

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We're raising money for something no one has ever done before: a mobile RV unit and regional centers to provide critical services for adult crime victims with disabilities.

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