Month: April 2020

COVID isolation increases risk of abuse in nursing homes

By Guest Writer Diana Spore, PhD, MGS The current world-wide public health crisis has drawn attention to the fact that seniors with disabilities are at the highest risk of becoming ill after exposure to COVID-19. Nursing homes are facing incredible challenges in terms of maintaining social and physical distancing. They have been forced to prioritize Read More

A First-Hand Experience with Online Counseling during COVID-19

By AACs’ Deputy Director Leigha Shoup While we are all adjusting to the new day-to-day life of social distancing and shelter-in-place rules, I felt it was important to share my experience with mental health telemedicine. I very rarely discuss my personal life or my mental health experiences publicly, but I am choosing to share this Read More

Coronavirus & Disabilities

By Guest Writer Shari Cooper As the epidemic of the Coronavirus has invaded the entire world, we’re left with a lot of uncertainties of what’s going to happen to life as we know it. Everyone is scrambling trying to make sense of what’s going on while trying to make sure they have all the essentials Read More