People with disabilities have always had a voice. We’re just teaching the world different ways to listen.
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ADEPT Trainings

The Adult Advocacy Centers have emerged as a leader in the field of forensic interviewing, due to our specialization and innovation surrounding crime victims with disabilities. What makes our work unique is that we are a disability-led organization, so the groundbreaking work that is being done in this field is for the disability community, by the disability community. This brings a cultural and representational value as well as a perspective that other protocols lack. We are so grateful for all our collaborators, including our partnership with Modell Consulting in the development of Project FIND. We will continue to lay the foundational training groundwork needed for this field through our ongoing Project FIND trainings: Foundations, Advanced and Adapted.

Introducing ADEPT

We are excited to roll out our next level of protocols: Advocacy and Disability-Focused Education for Professionals and Teams, or ADEPT. These trainings are uniquely specialized to specific areas of crime, disabilities or augmented or alternative communication. 

Our ongoing ADEPT series is our commitment to ongoing training in the disability field around forensic interviewing, investigations, education, and victim advocacy. Disability is not a topic where one training can create an expert. Training must be an ongoing educational process within the disability community. Forensic interviewing, criminal justice systems and victim service agencies need to be as informed as possible so they can provide trauma-responsive care and conduct comprehensive investigations, including accessible and accommodating forensic interviews.

This is a new era in forensic interviewing for crime victims with disabilities. Please join us in enhancing our professional skill sets to ensure that everyone who is a victim of a crime can access victim services that specialize in disabilities. Our motto at the Adult Advocacy Centers is “People with disabilities have always had a voice, we are just teaching the rest of the world different ways to listen."

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