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Two Publications Outline the AACs' Forensic Interview Services for Adult Crime Victims with Disabilities (10/26/22)

A new publication joins the AACs' existing brochure in outlining the Adult Advocacy Centers' forensic interview services for crime victims with disabilities. Read more...

AACs White Paper Outlines Need for Funding for Disability-Led Victim Service Agencies (9/16/22)

A new white paper from the Adult Advocacy Centers discusses the need for a more inclusive and representative funding model that includes disability-led victim services organizations and supports all types of victims with disabilities.  Read more...

New Publication Outlines AACs' Available Victim Services (5/4/21)

When people with disabilities are victims of or witnesses to a crime, forensic interviewers with specialized training in working with people with disabilities can be the best option for gathering court-admissible information about the incident. The victim and/or their family may also need guidance from a specialized victim advocate, who... Read more...