People with disabilities have always had a voice. We’re just teaching the world different ways to listen.
A disability victim services agency

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We're breaking new ground for disabled abuse victims.

The Adult Advocacy Centers (AACs) exist to teach the world how to listen to what people with disabilities have to say — particularly when they are victims of crime.

Plans are in motion to develop regionally located permanent centers and fully outfitted RV mobile units, each providing space for a multi-disciplinary team. These teams will include law enforcement, prosecutors, medical staff, victim advocates, mental health specialists, forensic interviewers and representatives from each of Ohio’s disability-specific agencies. This model is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.


The AACs are dedicated to training professionals and advocates to better serve the needs of adult crime victims with disabilities through our ADEPT, Project FIND and forensic nursing training classes. Since 2019, we have developed and collaborated on more than a dozen training classes on topics including forensic interviewing, trauma-informed care and investigating neglect committed against older adults. 

Each training teaches best practices and makes considerations and adaptations to account for each individual’s disability, mental health disorder, assistive technology, language capacity and cultural background. 

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Our Mission

The Adult Advocacy Centers (AACs) work within the disability, victim services and criminal justice systems to improve access and equity for adult crime victims with disabilities and to educate and train professionals within these systems on the unique needs of survivors with disabilities.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to serve adults with disabilities who are alleged victims or witnesses of abuse, maltreatment or neglect. Our staff and partner agencies are expertly trained to meet the needs of every individual in a holistic manner, ensuring they are the center of the investigation and treatment plan.